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SJGF in West Virginia


first chapter

For a very special reason, this chapter, known as Team WV, was created to honor Julia’s life and legacy in a place that is near and dear to the Knight family.

Although our Original Raindancer, Julia Grace, lived most of her 12 years in Bristow, Virginia, her roots were planted in West Virginia where she was born in 2002. And her personality even showed her connection to her home state. Her mom says she had a little bit of ‘mountain momma’ running through her veins. “After Julia passed away, I knew that the peace, beauty, and quiet calm of the mountains of West Virginia was where she belonged. She deserved the most beautiful, peaceful resting place there was, and well, West Virginia is almost heaven,” says founder and mom Sara Knight. Julia was laid to rest near the family cabin in the beautiful mountains of Marlinton, West Virginia.

Team WV is based in Hurricane, WV where a team of over 20 dedicated volunteers, which include Julia Grace’s grandparents, are working hard to help WV Raindancers “Dance in the Rain” Our WV team serves Raindancer families who live within 30-45 minutes from Hurricane, WV and all of the donations raised in WV stay in WV.

We are looking for individuals, sponsors, donors, schools, companies, and volunteers who would like to donate their time, skills & services to Join the Dance in WV.

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