Raindancer Programs



SJGF supports families whose children are facing more than most do in a lifetime. These amazing children show us what it looks like to be true overcomers. They find joy in the midst of their suffering and share their precious smiles with the world during some very difficult life ‘storms’. The simple joys of childhood are often put aside and replaced with hospital visits, surgeries, clinics, medicine, therapy, and adapted equipment to meet their special day-to-day needs. Yet they remain courageous and resilient in the face of it all.


The children served through Sweet Julia Grace are lovingly given the name “Raindancers,” because just like Julia Grace, they are not waiting for the storms to pass before they “dance in the rain.”


SJGF builds ramps, buys all-terrain wheelchairs, modifies homes to give more independence, sends children on DREAM trips, fulfills ‘bucket list’ wishes, arranges celebrity meet-and-greets, creates outdoor spaces for children to enjoy, reveals room makeovers, contributes therapy-related gifts, throws parties to celebrate birthdays and ‘end of chemo’... and so much more. The support SJGF gives a family goes way beyond the child facing the actual medical crisis. 

Gifts & special support is given to both the siblings and parents.


When needed, provisions are given through our “Rainy Day Fund” to help with day-to-day expenses families often struggle to keep up with when they have a Raindancer like mortgage, gas, utilities, hotel stays, travel expenses related to appointments, and groceries.


The SJGF Raindancer iPad Program provides an iPad, headphones, iTunes, and an iPad case to each of our Raindancers to bring comfort and connectivity during difficult times. This gift allows them to stay connected with family and friends, be entertained while undergoing treatments and during hospital stays, and provides educational assistance while they are homebound.