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Hospital Outreach

Be someone's sunshine

on a rainy day

The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation’s Hospital Outreach Program brings SUNSHINE On a Rainy Day to children and families in a hospital setting. SJGF provides parents and caregivers with care packages, comfort items and gift cards; and children with gifts that bring joy and fun. 

how you can help

collect and assemble parent care packages

SJGF Care Packages deliver SUNSHINE on a Rainy Day to parents whose children have been admitted either unexpectedly or due to a serious medical crisis or illness. These care packages are geared towards parents and caregivers whose children are cared for at INOVA Children’s Hospital in Fairfax, The Children’s Inn at NIH, Children's National in DC, CAMC Women and Children's Hospital in WV and Care Connection for Children. 

How You Can Help:

Host a Party with a Purpose with your friends, family, church, company or group and help make a difference in the lives of families who are in the hospital with their child. Collect recommended items like toiletries, snacks, drinks & comfort items and have a packing party with your group. We provide the instructions and the tote bags, and your group fills them with love! 

childrens pic 2.jpg

little box of sunshine

SJGF provides the yellow box; your group fills it with sunshine and love! Collect new treasure/prize box type toys, fidget toys, crayons, stickers and more!  A list of recommended items and instructions will be provided. 

How You Can Help:

Host A Party with a Purpose with your friends, family, club, church, or group. Collect recommended items & pack little boxes of sunshine with your group.

web treasure box.png

donate needed items

Can’t host a packing party? No problem! You can also donate individual items to be added to our Parent Care Packages. 

How You Can Help:

Donate Items through our Amazon Wish List! 


host a fuzzy sock & adult coloring book drive

Comfort items like fuzzy socks, adult coloring books and colored pencils are such a blessing to families in the hospital. These items are included in the care packages for parents. Host a drive and help SJGF stock up for their Parent Care Packages. 

How You Can Help:

Host a drive to collect fuzzy socks and/or adult coloring books and colored pencils and help SJGF stock up for their Parent Care Packages. Add your special touch and bundle them together with a ribbon. 


donate panera gift cards

Julia Grace spent months at a time in the Pediatric ICU (PICU) at Inova Children’s Hospital in Fairfax. The only restaurant at Inova, other than the cafeteria, is Panera Bread. SJGF provides the PICU team at INOVA with Panera gift cards that can be freely given to parents who are most likely weary, worried, and pretty tired of parent trays. During difficult times, the simplest of gestures often mean the most. We hope this small gift brings some sunshine to their day and a smile to their face.

How You Can Help:

Donate Panera Gift Cards, Host a Gift Card Shower to collect Panera Gift Cards, or Make a Donation to Sponsor Panera Gift Cards

donate crafts and hands-on activities

Children who are inpatient for long periods of time need a lot of activities to keep them busy. Quiet, peaceful activities like arts, crafts and hands-on activities help children keep their hands and minds active, and help arm parents with creative ways to add play and fun into very long, stress-filled days. These gifts help children stay entertained, happy and distracted from the pokes, beeps, and uncertainties.

How You Can Help:

Donate arts, crafts and hands-on activities for all ages, baby to teen! 


make a donation

Make a donation of any amount to help SJGF provide gifts, gift cards, meals when possible, essentials and comfort items to families in a hospital setting.

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