SJGF Founder

Meet the


Sara Knight

Meet Sara Knight, our Founder, President, and most importantly Julia Grace’s momma.

During the many cycles of Julia’s illness, treatment and care, Sara, her husband, Jason, and Julia’s brother, Cameron were inspired by Vivian Greene’s, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain.” According to her family and friends, Julia truly lived out this quote, and inspired everyone who loved her and knew her, to do the same. 

After experiencing the personal ordeal of caring for a medically fragile child for twelve years, Knight committed herself to establishing a program dedicated to ‘filling in the gaps’ that social, government and insurance services are unable to fill, so children with acute and/or chronic, severe medical needs are properly supported.  Through SJGF, Sara and her team can enter into a families ‘inner circle’. From there, she is able to discern a families needs & wishes for their child, connect the family with various resources, and also guide, mentor, and assist the parents as they navigate through the various systems and also the trials of having a child with medical needs. Along with this support and care, SJGF goes above and beyond by “showering” wonderful gifts and surprises onto the Raindancer and their entire family.  The team also reaches out to the family’s community to bridge the gap between individuals and businesses wanting to help families in need, with the Raindancer family they are focusing on.