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Raindancer Family Support

Providing support

for the whole family

Raindancers are not the only family member going through a difficult time. Providing gifts, emotional support, and guidance to both the siblings and parents is also a very important part of what we do. Unique programs have been developed to ensure the entire family receives the support they greatly need and deserve.


guidance and resources

SJGF provides guidance to raindancer parents and caregivers, and serves as a resource center for the family by connecting them to other forms of assistance available in the community.

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seasonal celebrations

SJGF hosts an annual Fall and Christmas Celebration created and designed for raindancer families and their unique needs. These events not only create special memories and traditions for our families, but also encourage a sense of community, belonging, and togetherness that recharges the soul, keeps families connected, and simply reminds them they are not alone. 

rainy day program

The SJGF Rainy Day Program helps raindancer families with house payments, utilities, and groceries so parents can simply focus on caring for their child and not worry about the day-to-day expenses that pile up in a crisis. 

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connect groups

Connect Groups  have been created for Moms of raindancers, Siblings of raindancers and also for Moms who have lost a child. We gather together, share our stories, laugh, cry, break bread and most importantly cherish the friendships and time together with others who ‘get it’.

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