Rainy Day Program

Saving for a 

Rainy Day

We all know the saying: “Save up for a rainy day.” But, you don’t hear anything about “saving up for the storm” in this life we live. Many of the families we help have found themselves in the midst of a storm, and “saving for a rainy day” is so much harder, or even impossible.


Medical crisis leaves many families struggling. A parent may need to quit working, at a time when their daily expenses are only increasing, due to the medical needs of their child. The stress of a child’s serious illness is difficult for all families, but they also have the added stress of financial responsibilities for all the care their child needs, such as: numerous, extended hospital stays, travel and overnight trips to visit specialists, expensive medications, and other unexpected financial burdens.


At the same time, normal expenses such as utility bills and mortgage payments of the average financially-stretched family, still need to be paid. With less money coming in, and more expenses piling up, families are dismayed and often require assistance.

Our Raindancer families know ‘everyday life’ does not stop because they want it to. Responsibilities such as cleaning homes, mowing lawns, buying groceries, and fixing meals all need to be accomplished. More importantly, parents need to give love and care not only to their Raindancer, but to their other children as well.


This is why SJGF is so very proud to offer our own “SJGF Rainy Day Fund” so you can assist families who truly need it. Be ensured that 100% of your donation will be used to help Raindancer families directly. Donations will be used towards:


Mortgage, rent, utilities, or other crucial (non-medical) bills

Gas, restaurant, and grocery store gift cards

Care packages for parents staying with their children during extended hospital stays

Housing, lodging and travel needs required while traveling to specialized care

House cleaning for families requiring a sterile environment for their children

Items and devices that may help improve the quality of life for the Raindancer

Other unexpected expenses that may arise because these parents are struggling to provide the absolute best care for their children


Our belief is once you are one of our Raindancers, you will always be one of our Raindancers, and we have developed programs, like the SJGF Rainy Day Fund, to ensure that other forms of assistance are available to our Raindancer families down the road.