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Rainy Day Program

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Going through a medical crisis can often leave a family struggling. A parent may need to quit working to care for the serious needs of their child, at a time when their daily expenses are only increasing. Numerous, extended hospital stays, overnight trips to visit specialists, expensive medications, and other unexpected financial burdens can add stress to an already stressful situation.


At the same time, normal expenses such as utility bills and house payments still need to be paid. With new added expenses piling up, families are overwhelmed and often require assistance.



These brave families are doing the best they can, just like everyone else, but they need our help.

The Rainy Day Program helps Raindancer families with:

  • House payments, utilities and other crucial (non-medical) bills​

  • Gas, restaurant, and grocery store gift cards

  • Housing, lodging and travel needs required while traveling to specialized care​

  • ​Other unexpected expenses that may arise during a crisis ​

  • Emergency support & other related needs related to the COVID-19 crisis

SJGF also sends Raindancer families meals through food delivery services like Uber Eats!

Our families often have rough days. The kind of rough days that make getting dinner on the table feel like climbing a steep  mountain after running a full marathon. Because we stay connected to our families, we often know about these rough days, and also know when our families could use a little TLC. We like to help them by making their dinner time, S-I-M-P-L-E. 


We use Uber Eats to send our families dinner, so Mom and Dad can take a deep breath and  know.... dinner is served.


how you can help

Make a donation to the Rainy Day Program and help families facing the unimaginable with their child with house payments, utilities, groceries, gas, meals and other related needs. You can also send an UBER EATS (or others) gift card to SJGF to provide dinner for a Raindancer family.

*Digital Gift cards can be sent by email to

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