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A Letter to Julia

In memory of my baby girl, my sweet Julia Grace, I am sharing the letter I wrote to her hours before her Celebration of Life in Novemer 2013, and read by my dear friend Lanay.

My dearest sweet baby girl,

You and Cameron are my greatest pride and my most beautiful joy.

You are my teacher and my friend.

You are my sunshine and my calm.

You have gave me more gifts than money could ever buy.

I will never forget the first time I fell to my knees in prayer for you, when I realized the journey we were on was one I could not face alone. You taught me how to Seek God for answers, for wisdom, for help. And you AND heaven never let me down. You fought an amazing fight…with God’s help. You taught me how to rest in Our Fathers Love. You taught me how to seek the kingdom of God first and allow Him to truly take care of you THROUGH me. You taught me how to not worry about tomorrow, but to give THANKS for the moment. How to soak in every second of every day. YOU brought out the good in me. You brought out the good in us all.

You taught me how to really sit, appreciate people and really visit…how to take time for each other. You taught me how to love….you showed me love.

I’ll never forget how your smile would literally stop the world. Your smile drew us in…sometimes we couldn’t get close enough to that sweet little face of yours. You taught us how to get lost in love…..because of your love.

You were the best bed buddy, cuddle bug, spinner, little diva, sorbet eating, Dancing with the stars watcher, bossy pants ever. You were the best sister, granddaughter, friend, niece, cousin ever. You were the best daughter your da da and I could have ever asked for. You were my best friend.

An angel is a messenger from God. You are God’s special angel. You came to show us how to love unconditionally, how to endure hard times thru the grace of God, how to trust, and walk by faith and not by sight. You taught us how to live with hope despite the circumstances or situations you were in. You poured out LOVE with such purity that those who received it would find themselves in a place of joy, peace and rest… was truly heavenly my little angel.

You are the best little sister in the world. BECAUSE of YOU and JESUS your brother will be just fine. You and Jesus helped form in HIM a soft heart of love, compassion, and GODLY strength and CHARACTER. He WILL MAKE YOU PROUD. And I know you will be helping him teach others about JESUS for all his days.

When my heart is sad and broken, and I miss you in my arms… I will JOIN YOU AND ALL OF HEAVEN and fall to my knees in prayer AND PRAISE the GOD WHO LOVES US, AND YOU WILL ALSO BE THERE. I will thank HIM for HIS GOODNESS and all HE HAS DONE FOR US….and for my little Angel and for YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE YOU had here and that HE CHOSE ME TO BE YOUR MOMMY.

I will see you later my baby girl….my beautiful Julia Grace with a pretty little face. I miss you already and I love you from the bottom of my heart and my everything....


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