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The Two-Sided Coin

The last time I pulled my Sweet Julia Grace, the inspiration behind The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation, up into my arms was on November 4, 2013, and it was to tell her 'good-bye for now'. 

At that moment if someone would have told me how much my heart would break AND love (at the same time, mind you) even more over the next two years... I would have said...umm..impossible. But yet that is exactly what has happened. 

In the midst of my broken heart, my heart has been so full. And Each sweet Raindancer and Raindancer family I meet, and have the extreme pleasure to get to know, fills my heart even more. 

I have learned that your heart can be FULL and BROKEN simultaneously. Most people say they have a 'broken heart', or their 'heart is full'. But what if it’s both?

I would say that’s what you would call a "broken HEART-full”…... yep…that’s what it’s called, I mean, that's what I'm calling it anyway. 

It is quite a beautiful mystery you know...that two sided coin. One side is pain, sorrow, grief and sadness...the other side is peace, joy, gratefulness, wonder, rejoicing, love and so much more. You can experience each side FOR your self....and FOR others.

Each time a family comes into my world, and I get to know them, my heart feels both sides of that coin WITH THEM. Romans 12:15 speaks of this truth...’Rejoice with those who rejoice [sharing others’ joy], and weep with those who weep [sharing others’ grief].’ 

In other words SHARE in their two sided coin.

It’s ok. Don’t be afraid to. We are stronger together, we can learn from one another...LEAN INTO one another, pain, joy..mess and all. It really is beautiful. 

So here's to all of you with "broken HEART-full's" living, loving, being loved, learning, healing and helping others right in the midst of your broken heart. Experiencing an awakened heart that is filled with hope, gratitude, awareness, amazement and wonder at how precious life is, how precious the life of others really is…and just how precious life CAN be. 

Julia taught me deep ways to love and be loved. She knew how to do both well. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway...

So LOVE and BE LOVED in the midst of your broken heart….and your broken heart will be full, maybe even overflowing with the healing waters of such a unique Love that will not only heal others with wounded hearts….but yours as well.

I miss you baby girl......thank you for the LOVE you left behind. 

I promise to keep the fire burning.


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