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Parent Care Packages

SJGF Parent

care packages

SJGF Care Packages deliver SUNSHINE On a Rainy Day to parents whose children have been admitted either unexpectedly or due to a serious medical crisis or illness. These care packages are geared towards parents and caregivers whose children are being  cared for at INOVA Children’s Hospital in Fairfax, The Children’s Inn at NIH, Children's National in DC, CAMC Women and Children's Hospital in WV and Care Connection for Children. 

our why

Julia Grace’s family knows what it is like to endure long, extended hospital stays. If you added up all the days that Julia spent in the hospital it would add up to over a year. 


Being in the hospital with your child is stressful, lonely and overwhelming.  Parents whose children have been admitted often have no time to prepare or pack a bag. They find themselves in the hospital with just the clothes on their back and often don’t leave their child's side for days, and sometimes weeks at a time.


These care packages provide parents with toiletries, comfort items, snacks and drinks, and other essentials.


our hope

When a child is admitted for an inpatient hospital stay, parents are typically given very little. But this is understandable; the hospital staff is dedicated to patient care. Other family needs are secondary, by necessity.


Our hope is that these care packages will provide parents with what they need so they can take care of themselves too. When nothing is familiar and everything feels uncertain, seemingly little gestures of support can bridge the chasm more than others may realize.

who can help

Your family, friends, workplace, church, club, or group can be someone’s SUNSHINE on a Rainy Day!

how you can help

Pick a month, rally your group of helpers, and create a sign-up so everyone can pick an item or two to donate. We will provide you with a ‘how-to’ guide that includes instructions as well as a list of items we recommend collecting.

We provide the tote bags; your group fills them with love!

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