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iPad Programs


in touch

The 'SJGF iPad Program' keeps raindancers connected, inspired, and in touch, despite the challenges they may face on a daily basis. An iPad allows children with medical and special needs to remain connected with family and friends, provides entertainment while they undergo treatments or experience hospital stays, and offers educational assistance while they are homebound and unable to attend school with their peers.

not just an ipad

When we gift an iPad to a raindancer, they also receive a case to keep it protected, wireless headphones or a speaker, and a special backpack so they can proudly carry it down the halls of a hospital, or even on the back of their wheelchair as they wheel around home.

The iPad Program provides:
  • iPad​

  • iPad Case & Backpack​

  • Headphones or speakers​

  • iTunes gift card


how you can help

Sponsor an iPad bundle or donate any amount to be used towards an iPad bundle (includes all the gear as listed above) .

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