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Become a Field Day

Volunteering for our Adult Field Day is a win win for everyone! 

You will laugh, do good, feel good, and help our Raindancers, all at the same time! 

This fundraiser is an all hands on deck kinda day. But what an important day it will be. This fundraiser will help us raise money to help the Raindancers we serve, and all the Raindancers that will come our way! 

If you can say YES to helping with our event on May 18, it will help us continue to say YES to families who hear NO way too often. 

WE NEED YOU! Over 150 of you to be exact! 

  • Volunteer as an individual, group, family, club or business

  • Do you have teenagers that need volunteer hours? Volunteers age 12 and up are invited to help

  • There are multiple shifts available Friday-Saturday (May 17 & 18)

    • Friday, May 17- Help set up the field in the afternoon-Shift ​Time TBD

    • Saturday, May 18-Help set up the games on the field- Shift 8am-12pm

    • Saturday, May 18-Most Needed-Volunteer during the Games and see the action first hand. Arrive at 10:30 to learn your station and be ready for the games to begin at 12:00. Games should be done by 4pm.  - Shift 10:30-4:00

    • Saturday after the games-Help clean up - Shift 4-6pm

  • Location for Charity Event: The Farm Brewery at Broad Run 

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