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What is a


The children blessed through The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation are lovingly given the name “Raindancers” because despite the storms they face every day, they have learned to “Dance in the Rain."

Meet Our


raindancer amy

Enjoy the Ride!

Amy wanted a bike to ride with her friends…and because of the generosity of others, she has her wish!


Six-year-old Amy is a spunky, happy girl who makes her presence known and goes almost anywhere she wants to despite her limited mobility from spina bifida. Amy’s legs may be weak but her spirit is strong.


We thank you for sharing your hearts and Julia’s with not only Maggie but with our entire family. It reaches so much more beyond Santa Claus and the many gifts he brought; it reaches farther than the food and the carolers. It was the thought, the time, the care…and all of the energy and planning. It was the genuine love and a whole lot of heart that went into making that Thursday evening before Christmas so very special. What an honor and a privilege it was for our family to have been surrounded by such joy and love—we are humbled and grateful that the legacy of your Sweet Julia Grace encompassed our home. It will be an evening we will hold dear in our hearts forever.

– Raindancer Maggie's Mom