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Raindancer Jett

Crusher, Jett's New Best Friend

For 5-year-old Jett, his everyday life consists of appointments, therapy sessions, and chronic pain associated with his diagnosis of Myotonia - a rare genetic disease. The toll these complications have taken on him can be scary and overwhelming. But one activity that continued to bring joy to Jett was playdates with Sara and her dog Tucker. Tucker had also been Julia Grace’s sidekick so this little dog had experience in knowing what a Raindancer needs.

After a year and a half of these playdates, Sara and Jett’s family talked it over and decided it was time for Jett to get his own little version of Tucker. Sara reconnected with Tucker’s breeders, DC Dogfinders, and worked with them to pick out the most perfect puppy for Jett.

Every day for weeks, Jett’s mom would ask him “if you had a puppy of your own, what would you name it?” And every day Jett would say “CRUSHER!” So Crusher it would be! Sara says from the very beginning of what would become The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation she knew she would someday gift a puppy to a deserving family. Once he was chosen, this perfect puppy had to be picked up before his new forever family was ready. So for 3 weeks, Crusher lived at Sara’s home, shadowing Tucker and learning the ropes. But then it was time… time for Crusher to become what Tucker had been to Julia Grace. Crusher would bring joy and love, make a dream come true, be a companion to help with the loneliness that sometimes comes with being a Raindancer, and help Jett to be brave and strong. Jett and his family, including his siblings, arrived at Sara’s home and were surprised with some clues that would lead them on a scavenger hunt with the most special treasure at the end. The kids excitedly raced to find all the clues until Crusher was revealed under a Christmas box by the tree. Although Sara admittedly had already fallen in love with Crusher, she knew that these two buddies were meant to be best friends… a match made in heaven, maybe by Julia Grace herself.

Sara came to us during the most trying year of our lives. She wrapped us in love and support from the get-go. Sweet Julia Grace sponsored us for a Christmas my kids otherwise might not have had. When my son Jett made the wish for a companion dog, SJGF brought it all together for the perfect surprise gift. Crusher and Jett are now best of buddies. We are so so thankful for the entire Sweet Julia Grace family! – Raindancer Jett's Mom


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