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Murder Mystery Charity Event 
Hosted by Bones Murder Mystery Events

Bones Murder Mystery Charity Event is one event you'll never forget! Bones Murder Mystery is brilliantly created, written, and hosted by an amazing planning committee. The acting, the decorations, the big hearts.... just wow! From the minute you walk in, everyone is in character, following the lead written for you. You will laugh more at this event than any other, for sure! 

2022's theme was  "The Bones of Bourbon Street" and as you can see in the pictures,  the attendees had a blast!

The plot for the evening:


"The affluent "Big Daddy" La Bouff is hosting a celebratory social gathering to formally introduce his daughter and debutant, Charlotte La Bouff. The La Bouff's are envied for their old money, fancy parties, and steller reputation. However, things aren't always as they appear for these French Quarter socialites..."

Learn more about BMM here! 

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