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Enjoy the Ride!

Amy wanted a bike to ride with her friends…and because of the generosity of others, she has her wish!


Six-year-old Amy is a spunky, happy girl who makes her presence known and goes almost anywhere she wants to despite her limited mobility from spina bifida. Amy’s legs may be weak but her spirit is strong.

When the Sweet Julia Grace Foundation asked Amy’s mom what gift they could provide to enhance Amy’s life, she didn’t immediately have an answer. But then, on a shopping trip, Amy asked - for about the millionth time - if she could get a bike. Her mom heartbreakingly explained to her again that bikes are for kids with strong legs who can ride them. “Remember yours are a little weak,” she told Amy. But she began to think this might be the answer to SJGF’s question.


Shortly after, during a visit with SJGF founder Sara Knight, Amy expressed her wish in her own words. “I would like a bike so I can ride like a big girl with my friends,” she said. The idea was born and Sara began plans for making Amy’s wish come true.


A few months later, a celebratory party was held in Amy’s honor. Amy’s face lit up when the bike built just for her was presented. This handcycle that she can power with her arms is the “most perfect, amazing” answer to Amy’s wish to ride with her friends.

Therapeutic horseback riding lessons were also gifted to Amy - another wish come true, says her mom. Amy loved participating in these lessons and they have improved her balance, core muscle building, and most importantly, self-esteem! The family also received a complimentary photo session, date night gift card, and a spa gift card for Amy’s mom.


Enjoy the ride Amy girl!

Young girl in yellow shirt riding in a handcycle with her mom behind her

"The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation has completely changed a sassy six-year-old’s life. Sara is now a member of our family and we are all head over heels in love with her, especially Amy. Sara is always there for us and we are so thankful to have Sweet Julia Grace in our lives!"

– Raindancer Amy's Mom