PICU Program



The PICU Program provides support, hope and much needed TLC to the weary and courageous parents of children in the Pediatric ICU (PICU).  Our team visits the local Children’s Hospital PICU on a monthly basis to offer parents a catered lunch and a ‘PICU Parent Survival Kit’ that includes all the basic necessities any parent could possibly need during an extended hospital stay with their child.


Parents often can’t and won’t leave their child’s side while they are in the PICU, and their self care is the last thing on their mind. During our visit, parents take a deep breath, share their story with us, grab some lunch and stock up on all the necessities we brought for them to freely take. After a hug from our team, they return to their child’s room knowing they are not alone and feeling the love and support of their community. 


As a momma to a little girl who spent months in the PICU, I know what it is like to spend days, weeks, months by your child’s side in the PICU. When someone would bring me hair ties and face wipes during one of our long stays with Julia Grace, I felt like I had won the lottery! During difficult times, the simplest of gestures mean the most. This is why we do what we do. 


We have truly thought of everything a parent might need; shampoo, journals, lotion, snacks, chapstick, hair ties, face wipes, mints, toothbrushes, fuzzy socks and so much more. We bring all the necessities they never had time to pack.

This is everything I wished I had from home! It is like you knew exactly what I needed!

– Diana, mom of PICU child

Your family, team, church and co-workers can help parents in the midst of a storm-right alongside SJGF! Donate needed items, coordinate a drive, sponsor a lunch, or host your own 'Party With A Purpose'. Once you know how you would like to shower some much needed TLC onto these weary families, email Sara@sweetjulagrace.org for further information. 

Pack ‘PICU Parent Survival Kits’ with your family, church, team or co-workers. Fill up a 2-gallon plastic bag with all the necessities a parent might need while in the PICU with their child. A step-by-step guide, list of items recommended and labels for your group to sign will be provided. Click here for a list of items to include in the survival kits.

Click here for a list of items needed. 


Email sara@sweetjuliagrace.org to make arrangements for drop-off.

Donate needed items using our Amazon PICU Wish List and they will be sent directly to SJGF. 

Sponsor a lunch for $200 or make a donation of any amount to help the SJGF PICU Program. When you make a donation, please select ‘PICU Program’. If you sponsor a lunch we would love to acknowledge your gift by displaying your name or logo during our visit and also on Facebook.


Every October is actually SOCTOBER at SJGF! Do a drive with your group during the month of October and help SJGF stock up on fuzzy socks for both adults & kids.

Donate Flip Flops or do a drive with your group during the summer months and help us stock up on Flip-Flops. Why flip flops you ask? In the PICU, parents have to shower in a public bathroom, down the hall from their child's hospital room. We provide parents with a brand new pair of flip flops so they can shower with their feet safely protected from the bathroom floor.  We collect flip flops of all sizes for both male and female.